"Buy a bracelet, save a pound" Cindy's blog July 5 2017


This blog is about a company I saw on Facebook. They had a short video on their work/projects and fundraising to clean up the ocean and I was inspired to spread the word.

As I may have mentioned, the amount of plastic entering our oceans is staggering. Figures quoted are upwards of five trillion pieces of plastic currently littering the ocean. This is, by anyone’s standards, pretty daunting. Over the years I have come across many projects that have aimed to do something about this, from garbage collecting booms to purses made from discarded fishing nets. Then I came across 4Ocean and I was inspired by their clean-up efforts and interested in their simple, straightforward offer.

This organization sells beaded bracelets made from entirely recycled products. 4Ocean understands the significance of utilizing existing glass and plastic that has already been produced. They have a vision to eliminate the production of any materials that may one day end up as trash in the ocean – which is why their bracelets are made from 100% recycled materials.

The beads are recycled glass and the cord is PET from post consumer recycled plastic bottles. The 4Ocean charm that is attached to the bracelet is made from stainless steel. They sell for $20US. They use the profits to clean up beaches and waterways and to directly fish trash out of the ocean. Each bracelet you buy will fund the removal of one pound of trash from the ocean.  Through the sales of their bracelets, 4Ocean is able to obtain the tools, equipment, and vehicles needed to fund both onshore and offshore cleanups that would otherwise not be possible.
Their work is focused around Florida, but they are hoping to extend their reach further. This is a group of people who fundraise through their bracelets and the more they sell, the more they can do.
As of April 2017, 4Ocean has been able to actively carry out their mission and has removed over 46,000 pounds of trash thanks to the support they have received.

The 4Ocean team encourages everyone to help do their part to save our oceans. Co-founder Andrew Cooper says, “The age we live in, it is easy to wait for a machine to come and clean the ocean of 1 million pounds of trash at a time, however it is more pragmatic to convince 1 million people to clean only 1 pound of trash at a time.”

If you are looking for a gift, why not buy a product that doesn’t use new materials but reuses discarded ones?. If you want to see what a bracelet looks like, mine are being delivered soon!

to order a bracelet https://4ocean.com/

watch the video that inspired me  https://youtu.be/s2e-8Ta2NfM