Cindy's blog March 2 2017 The Ocean Clean-up


We humans are surely the architects of our own demise. What made us say this? Have you ever noticed what we are doing to the nature around us? How we are damaging it and polluting it with everything that is at our disposable. You would be surprised to know but we have been dumping plastic and other stuff into the ocean for quite sometime now, almost 50 years to be precise, and that up till now about 600 billion metric tons of plastic has been produced. A huge number of seabirds and fish have died because of the poisoning and the fishing industry is incurring damages that exceed millions of dollars per year. A survey conducted at the European seafloor off the coast of Europe concludes that the garbage pile goes 4.5 km below the surface now.

But as always there is hope and this time it might rely on the brilliant mind of a 19 year old named Boyan Slat!

The idea presented by this 19 year old , Slat, was so powerful that the youngster went and started a company by the name of The Ocean Cleanup. The inspiration to take up this project came when he was swimming in the waters of Greece and found that the water had a large number of plastic bags and not enough fish. This was when the obsession to clean the ocean started and his organization has recently released a feasibility report and prototype to accomplish this monumental task.

Slat is a Dutch inventor, entrepreneur and aerospace engineering student[] who works on methods of cleaning plastic waste from the oceans. He designed a passive system for concentrating and catching plastic debris driven by ocean currents. This won a prize for Best Technical Design at Delft University of Technology.  Slat says, the system, which involves a static platform that passively corrals plastics as wind and ocean currents push debris through 2000-meter booms, will be the longest floating structure ever deployed in the ocean.

Slat’s idea revolves around deploying several V-shaped floating barriers that would be moored to the seabed and placed in the path of major ocean currents. The V barriers have 30 mile long arms that are designed to catch buoyant garbage and trash floating three meters (almost 10 feet) below the surface while allowing sea life to pass underneath. Computer simulations show that if this method, costing 31.7 million Euros, is implemented then in the next ten years the Great Pacific Garbage Patch can be reduced by 50%.

Slat has established a foundation — The Ocean Cleanup — to further develop and eventually implement the technology. “Taking care of the world’s ocean garbage problem is one of the largest environmental challenges mankind faces today,” Slat stated in a blog post. “Not only will this first cleanup array contribute to cleaner waters and coasts but it simultaneously is an essential step towards our goal of cleaning up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. This deployment will enable us to study the system’s efficiency and durability over time.”

This is such amazing technology and cool concept and as I have mentioned many times, the next generation of nature lovers will save the world!!