Cindy's Blog: October 22, 2015 - "Calstone's Ponds win".


This blog is a pleasure to write because it is about Calstone’s latest award. We are so proud to announce that our Rainwater Harvesting Project won a Clean50 project award. This means that our Ponds were chosen to represent Canada as having one of 15 of the most significant environmental initiatives across the country. Canada’s Clean50 award was created and organized by Delta Management Group, is a twenty three year old boutique search firm with the leading practice in “green collar” / “green professionals” search in Canada, including clean tech, corporate social responsibility and sustainability professionals.

The award is sponsored by the TD bank. Because of the leadership TD Bank Group has shown in making the environment “business as usual” over the past decade, and Calstone’s relationship with TD , TD’s support in recognizing outstanding projects from across Canada that innovate, inform and inspire is particularly exciting. TD’s own initiatives have included becoming the first North American-based carbon neutral bank; introducing bank branches designed to be net zero energy; establishing TD Forests, which aims to grow urban forests and green space and help protect critical forests; and issuing a $500 million green bond, the first green bond to be issued by a commercial bank in Canada.

The award is a plaque, a very special plaque, as it is made out of the Maple Leaf Forever tree. “The Maple Leaf Forever” is a Canadian song written by Alexander Muir (1830–1906) in 1867, the year of Canada’s Confederation. He wrote the work after serving with the Queen’s Own Rifles of Toronto in the Battle of Ridgeway against the Fenians in 1866. Muir was inspired to write this song by a large maple tree which stood on his street in front of the Maple Cottage, a house at Memory Lane and Laing Street in Toronto. The song became quite popular in English Canada and for many years served as an unofficial national anthem.

On July 19, 2013, a storm brought down the aged silver maple tree in the Leslieville neighbourhood. The City of Toronto worked with Local artisans, designers, and woodcraft workers to turn the salvaged wood into community art and cultural pieces that will be distributed to public, cultural and historic institutions across Canada. Two guitars were made out of it, one acoustic, one electric. The acoustic guitar is on tour with Blue Rodeo while the electric guitar has hit the road with The Tragically Hip. I saw both of them and many other unique and beautiful Maple Leaf Forever pieces at the Green Living Show.

So not only is Calstone proud of the Clean50 award that acknowledges the value of our ponds diverting 100% of our rainwater from our aging sewers but the wood it is made out of tells a story too!