EarthPLAY for Earth Day 2017





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Calstone is always encouraging people to learn about sustainability and the best way is to start with children. They are our future and we need to encourage children to love nature and appreciate what we have and how to protect it. Hopefully they will grow up to be the defenders of the earth. Earth Day Canada works to advance environmental learning. Here is information on the valuable program EarthPLAY for Earth Day 2017.

LEARN! Tune in to EDC’s webinar about outdoor play at school airing live March 22 PARTY! Get tickets to their annual gala, a fundraiser for EarthPLAY LET’S EARTHPLAY FOR EARTH DAY 2017!

Remember how you played as a child? Did you spend a lot of time outside building forts, climbing trees, inventing new games and getting dirty, without any grownups hovering? Today, kids spend far more time on screens — in fact, the average child spends less than one hour outside each day.

Why does Earth Day Canada care so much about this? Because kids who aren’t stimulated by the outdoors, who don’t connect with nature, won’t grow up with any motivation to protect our planet. That’s why they are asking people across the country to EarthPLAY for Earth Day 2017. You’ll hear a lot more about their campaign in the weeks ahead; for now, read through their latest newsletter ( hope you dig the new look!) to get a taste of what’s to come.

CAMPAIGN ELEMENTS PLEDGE4PLAY!Take part in their crowdfunding campaign to support adventure playgrounds across Canada, and get the chance to win some awesome prizes! Launching April 1st on EDC’s homepage. Interested in sponsoring Earth Day 2017?  Complete sponsorship packages are available.

SHARE YOUR #PLAYMEMORY! Remember how you used to play? Share your favourite outdoor play memory, along with a photo of yourself as a kid, on EDC’s Facebook and Twitter feeds. Watch for posts in early March.

RECLAIM RECESS! Encourage your local school to take part in  EarthPLAY for Earth Day campaign — there are free tool kits available, jammed with lots of tips and tricks for how to take back recess and bring adventure play into the school yard.

Get involved, get kids out doors….Thanks!!!!