Green Manufacturing

Calstone has made many advances in transitioning each area of our manufacturing process to be an environmentally sensitive process.

Our goal is to have zero emissions from our facility and to be 100% off the grid within 10 years. We have succeeded in completing what we call “low hanging fruit” projects that are not too costly but have huge environmental benefits. We have outlined these projects in our The Greening of Calstone catalogue for your review.

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Calstone’s Indoor Courtyard Showroom

Calstone’s indoor courtyard showroom is home to a variety of plants that help cleanse the air within our facility. “The Courtyard” offers a peaceful place of tranquility for our staff to enjoy their breaks and lunch as well as showcase our partners / customers furniture when visiting our facility to review design ideas. Begin your environmental tour of Calstone’s facility at “The Courtyard” and continue on your “green” adventure when exploring what our facility has to offer in a sustainable way for safeguarding the environment.