Hometown Heroes Small Business Winners 2014


Calstone is proud to announce that we have won the Hometown Heroes Award from Earth Day Canada (EDC) . Calstone was chosen by an expert panel of judges who received entries from small businesses across Canada. The nomination process was intense as there were many criterions that needed to be met. Earth Day Canada first needed to ensure that Calstone was Canadian owned and operated. They wanted the history of the company. Calstone needed to demonstrate outstanding environmental leadership, innovation and benefits beyond their products and/or services.

We had to prove that our business prioritizes long-term environmental planning and/or commitment as an integral part of their business model and/or operations that have resulted in positive sustainable impacts.
Calstone had to be engaged in internal initiatives that incorporate environmental best practices, resource conservation and green living from supply chain management to employee engagement programs.

And also they needed to serve as community ambassadors, influencing and engaging suppliers, customers and the general public to educate and/or empower them to support a healthier environment.
And guess what….. Calstone does all of the above?. The judges recognized this and on June 11 at the Earth Day Canada Gala Jim Ecclestone accepted the award on behalf of the company. Jim received a beautiful glass sculpture with Hometown Hero 2014 engraved on it.

The Hometown Heroes Award also is a $5000.00 award and in the nomination process Calstone had to outline what they would do with the award money. With the $5,000.00 Calstone is planning to build a system where rainwater is diverted from the roof and will be funneled into a large container at the side of their building. With a slow release system water from the tank will nourish new trees and a garden which will grow crops for the employees. It is a unique company that provides plants inside the factory to clean the air for their employees and will enable them to pick fresh raspberries on their lunch hour.

“Our winners this year are once again shining examples of excellence in the environmental sector, who inspire and engage people in their communities to solve local environmental challenges,” says Deb Doncaster, President of EDC. “The goal of this program is to support their endeavors financially, while also recognizing and celebrating their efforts.”

Earth Day Canada is a great organization and it is an honour to be representing them. EDC is a national environmental charity founded in 1990 that provides Canadians with the practical knowledge and tools they need to lessen their impact on the environment. EDC educates, empowers and inspires Canadians to achieve local solutions to improve the state of the environment. EDC educational and recognition programs engage children, students, teachers, families and everyday Canadians.

The success of EDC programs lies in the fact that they teach Canadians about simple, easy to accomplish, age-appropriate actions that any person can do. I think Calstone exemplifies the message Earth Day Canada spreads. Be good to your country, be successful but do it with as small an environmental footprint as you can. Calstone thanks you for this great award as it will allow them to continue to be an example of a “green” manufacturer”

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