In case you had forgotten...Calstone's Pond and tank update Cindy's blog Aug 24 2017







The Calstone Ponds officially opened in June 2015 and since we have some new employees, the inside tank is now outside and the Ponds have been functioning so well, I thought this would be a good time to update everyone on our tanks. All of the changes at the side of our building was a result of Calstone winning the 2014 Earth Day Canada Hometown Heroes Award in the Small Business category. (By the way, not sure we are considered a small business anymore, go us!). In the nomination I said we would take the award of $5,000.00, plant some raspberry bushes, a tree, buy a tank, water the bushes with some rainwater and we would install a picnic bench so the staff could get outside. That was how it started. This is the drawing I handed in with the nomination…

and then it grew…

Now the system includes two rainwater harvesting tanks, of which one overflows into three infiltration ponds. I should mention here that our tank was destined for landfill as it was not perfect and nobody wanted it. The salesman told me he would give us a deal and when I saw this yellowish, pock marked, misshapen tank sitting at the back of the lot, well, we had to have it! Two of the ponds provide temporary water storage and infiltration functions while the third functions as an attractive permanent water feature which is now filled with thriving fish and lilies. Employees and visitors are able to walk along the edge of these ponds on a permeable walkway, which leads to an infiltration trench at the back end of the building.

Calstone’s stormwater management system captures 100% of the rainwater from Calstone’s 3,900 square metre roof. Annually, this will divert approximately 1.8 million litres of rainwater from being directly discharged to the municipal storm sewer and, thereby help to restore a more natural water cycle to Highland Creek.

These stormwater management systems set Calstone apart from other manufacturers in the area for having a distinct, enhanced green space for employees and showing dedication to exemplary water stewardship within the Highland Creek watershed. Since stormwater infrastructure servicing this area is aging (the pipes are old and rusty), this showcase of “Low Impact Development best management practices” demonstrates to the community, especially other manufacturers, ways that the cost of retrofitting municipal infrastructure could be avoided.

The Ponds also allowed Calstone to win two prestigious awards; the Clean50 Project Award and the Ontario Nature Corporate Award (they are both displayed in the lobby).

Our second tank was originally inside the manufacturing facility but is now in our parking lot. The two final downspouts were installed from the roof into the tank to capture even more roof rainwater.

The pressure of the water in the tank forces it through drip lines installed under the parking lot into the garden by our new parking area. To think that this tank that was found in a farmer’s field and had been used to pasteurize milk, is now majestically installed outside allowing Calstone to claim that we harvest 100% of our roof rainwater. We were the first manufacturer in Ontario to claim this and certainly the first to use the water to create an oasis.

We should all be very proud!

Let me just remind you of the before, and the after. Hopefully you can get out and enjoy them soon!