As an Other Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) company, Calstone is proud to be aligned with such prestigious partners.

Calstone provides our partners with a quality manufactured product, where as we manufacture, paint, package, stock an inventory and ship orders on behalf of our partners. This service allows our Partners to focus on the sales and marketing side of the business. We also provide additional services such as quoting and 3D drawings of all proposed products to our partners and their customers. We are fortunate to have such professional representation when selling to each industry.

Pitney Bowes Mailing North America

Calstone’s Mailroom Furniture is manufactured for and sold through Pitney Bowes Mailing North America.

Visit: Pitney Bowes Canada & Pitney Bowes USA

Dehnco Equipment & Supplies

Calstone’s Modular Work Benches are manufactured and sold through a dealer network across Canada and sold through our partners at Dehnco Equipment & Supplies in the USA.


“Modular Workstations are sold in the USA through Dehnco Equipment & Supplies, Inc.

Phone: (847) 382-1579

Modular Workstations are sold in Canada through a Dealer Network. Please contact us to find a dealer near you.
                                                              Phone (416) 298-9137

Manufacturing for Corcan

Metal components from Calstone’s line of A-Series Furniture are manufactured for Corcan and sold as MetaFlex to the Government.


Business Furniture lines and institutional furniture are manufactured and sold through a dealer network across Canada. Contact us to find a dealer in your area