Business Furniture

Business Furniture

Calstone has been manufacturing office furniture for over 25 years. We have developed our products around the specific needs of our customers and continue to create, design and manufacture environmentally friendly products to meet those customer needs.

Over the years, our office furniture has developed into three different product categories of which the “A” Series, Business Furniture and “Eco” Series were born.

Our “A” Series product line is our executive furniture, offering a prestigious and design focused look. The Business furniture has been designed around the needs of our institutional customers (Colleges and Universities) and the “Eco” Series line is our environmentally conscious line that utilizes less steel in the overall design. All furniture lines have a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, are GREENGUARD certified. All product lines have a remanufacturing program that guarantees that 0% of products will end up in a landfill site and are built to last a lifetime.

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